Founded in Brendola, near Vicenza, Microfilm has been producing hot stamping foils for leather, textile and plastic materials for over twenty years, offering a wide range of heat-adhesive designs, metallized foils, hot-melt designs and several other kinds of foils.


The Company has expanded over the time by investing in new machinery. In 2006 Microfilm installed a special plant for the production of metallized foils for leather. Now we are running two of such plants.
Constantly expanding in domestic and foreign markets over time, Microfilm has become the ideal partner for its customers, operating in the fashion field.
Over years, transfer films have become increasingly important for adding aesthetic value to accessories such as bags, shoes, and leather goods but also for fabrics and plastic materials.


Thanks to the excellent quality level of its products, Microfilm is able to meet the needs and the standards of the main fashion houses.
The know-how acquired over the years and the maintenance of high quality standards are our strengths.
We follow all environmentally friendly production processes.

We decorate your ideas

Our foils improve the look of leathers and fabrics.
You will obtain particular finishes and effects, giving aesthetic value to accessories like bags, shoes, boots, suitcases, belts and wallets.

Microfilm is considered as most reliable source for ideas, with a versatile product, finer detailed requirements and symbol of “Made in Italy” for style and quality for both domestic and international markets.


In addition to our designs, offered as per fashion and market trends, we can achieve customized designs, as per required customer’s proposals.


Our machinery have been studied and built specifically to meet particular characteristics necessary for the production of our foils.


Most of our foils are always ready in stock, so urgent requirements can be made available on immediate basis.


A collection of continuous addition of wide range of designs such as animals, geometric, florals, snakes, reptiles, antique, fantasy or any customized designs. Also more than 100 shades of metallic and we keep on adding new, as per requirement as per customer’s request of fashion trends.

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